Monday, September 17, 2007

Location, location, location

Amalgamated takes up an entire floor of the building we rent space in. At first, I leased only one room, but that didn't work out so well because at least once a day, some rube would get off the elevator and casually wander into our offices, either with a camera dangling from his neck or a his tongue hanging out of his mouth. So, I eventually just rented the whole floor so that only people with real business to conduct with me or my staff can ... get off ... on our floor. I don't know what those guys were expecting to find but they always left disappointed to discover that I run a reputable, respectable business.

I mean, I have to. Or George Putnam will be making my life a living hell:

This guy is serious, and he's paid more than one visit to the offices of Amalgamated. I even considered moving our office at one point to throw him off our scent. He's been sniffing around on three different occasions, and all three times, I observed him talking with Lisabet in an overly officious capacity. Now, in my experience, a man of his ilk gets chummy with a woman in the sex business for one of two reasons:

He wants to partake of whatever sexual service she might be providing
The woman is a mole and he's getting the latest updates from her

Now, I'm not accusing Lisabet of anything, you understand, but I've got my eye on her. Her work is good and it's always on time, but if ever find out that the FBI or CIA or even that the Citizens Against Pornography have a file on me or my employees, you can bet I'll be looking to Lisabet for some explanations.

But we were discussing locations, weren't we? Yes. Well. The building we occupy is discreet enough, I think, but we must nevertheless always take pains never to draw attention to ourselves. That's another reason I thought it best to take over an entire floor. The fewer people who walk down the hall and stumble upon our office, the better.

And that's why I am currently looking for an intimidating receptionist. If you know of anybody who might fit the bit, please drop me a line. I need to keep the riff-raff, the looky-loos, and the anti-pornography crowd out.

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RONJAZZ said...

Ole George needs a good solid blowjob, let's face it.